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Time is like your own and personal road, and the watch is the vehicle which tells you how far you have gone and how much time you have left. We like to think of it this way, when choosing our timepieces - see them as our road companions.

We, Bambléu, strive to produce high quality, low cost, ecologically-sustainable products. At the core of our passion lies the simplicity yet alluring magic of design, brought to life by the high-quality quartz mechanisms that guarantee to last the test of time. Doing our part to protect the environment - we chose bamboo all the way!


FACT: Bamboo’s strength-to-weight ratio is better than that of mild steel. It’s perhaps no surprise that cutting through bamboo is a traditional test for Japanese Samurai swords...


Furthermore - we stand by each of our guarantees and will do our absolute best to uphold them! Our goal is to serve, realizing, you, our customers, are the driving engine of our small business.


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