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Our Story

Our Core

Time is like your own and personal road, and the watch is the vehicle which tells you how far you have gone or how much time you have left. If you combine the spiritual sense of time with the modern design brought by skilled crafters, you will end up having the greatest and most useful gadgets on the market.


Our Mission

At Bambléu, strive to produce high quality, low cost, ecologically-sustainable products. At the core of our passion lies the simplicity yet alluring magic of design, brought to life by the high-quality quartz mechanisms that guarantee to last the test of time. Doing our part to protect the environment - we chose bamboo all the way!

FACT: Bamboo’s strength-to-weight ratio is better than that of mild steel. It’s perhaps no surprise that cutting through bamboo is a traditional test for Japanese Samurai swords...


Our Promise

We stand by each of our guarantees and will do our absolute best to uphold them! Our goal is to serve, realizing, you, our customers, are the driving engine of our small business.




Our products have a simplistic, authentic and timeless design, which means that it will compliment any outfit and will be suitable for every occasion

Your watch will not have any unnecessary details or branding and will naturally blend in with any style. An unassuming statement piece, worn equally by both men and women.



Bamboo is a grass that grows naturally and rapidly in the wild and does not require any enablers to assist its growth. You can eat bamboo, you can use it to eat, you can eat on it, you can wear it, and you can live under it. Inspired by the versatility, durability and natural beauty, we choose bamboo as the core component of our products and aim to keep it in its authentic form, making each watch totally unique!



We can proud supporters of local enterpriseand we choose to support and collaborate with other local small business, as much as possible. We pledge our support to local greening initiative, 'Greenpop', donating a portion of our proceeds monthly. We stongly believe in creating a greener, more conscious and sustainable environment.

Through our actions, We aim to inspire you to get involved and start doing!